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About us

We realize that we are not the pioneers in waste management. This is what drives us to continuously strive harder to provide excellent customer satisfaction. At KS, security documents are given topmost priority and handled with complete security. The client’s representative is required to verify that transfers are properly handled before and after transit to the factory. Therefore, all lorries of KS are installed with GPS system to monitor its location at all times. 

KS provides an efficient means of waste disposal through the well execution of its 4-M Organizational System of manpower, machinery, management track record and material support on-site.

Our dynamic workforce ensures that only the best is delivered. The utilisation of state-of-the-art machinery in our branches enhances our capacity to accommodate increased intake. 

Our services are of the highest standards and offered to businesses that adhere to the Go Green and 3R environmental system. We provide standby machinery breakdown support, immediate staff replacement, prompt customer service as well as regular site visits. The availability of our on-site support facilities facilitates a systematic execution to ensure speedy results

KS Secondary Fibre Supplier Sdn Bhd places importance on excellence and quality.  In executing our business, we refer to the European Union or America Environmental Standard as guidance to proper usage of recyclable products. 

We are further reinforcing our position by diversifying plastic, wood, and general waste. This move is essential in order to cater to the increasing need for enhanced organizational efficiency through proper waste management as well as to contribute towards a greener environment. 

Plastic Containers and metals are collected and brought to our branches where they will be processed and sent to proper mills and recycling centres for conversion into new products.

Recycling reduces energy, water and petroleum usage. Recycling also leads to less rubbish, which translates into less dumpsites and landfills. Together, we can embark on greener tomorrow through recycling.